Photo by Mariah Wilson

Frosh 2017: Diversity Services

By Tina Shaygan

The Q Centre
The SU Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity, better known at the Q Centre, is located on the main floor of MacHall and offers community and peer support, volunteer opportunities as well as other programs and events for the LGTBQ community on campus and in Calgary. The Q Centre also has a great library and lounge where students can study or socialize. Students are welcome to initiate ideas or proposals to the Q Centre for collaborative improvements of the student experience. The Q Centre’s list of upcoming events can be found on the SU website.

Women’s Resource Centre
The Women’s Resources Centre is located on the fourth floor of MacHall and offers a variety of resources such as workshops, peer support and professionals to speak with. They have worked with other university groups like the Consent and Sexual Education Awareness Club (CASE) to initiate programs and events to help foster a culture of consent and sexual awareness on campus. They offer plenty of volunteer opportunities for students and are closely tied to the Women Studies program in the faculty of arts.

Native Centre
The Native Centre is located on the third floor of MacHall above Dairy Queen. It offers a large variety of resources to help support educational success and improve the experience of First Nations, Métis and Inuit students. They offer a variety of leadership training as well as scholarships and funding. The Native Centre also works to design post-secondary research regarding indigenous people and their communities. The Native Centre has a ceremonial room for smudging and their list of events can be found on their online calendar.

Faith and Spirituality Centre
The Faith and Spirituality Centre offers Christian, Muslim and Buddhist chapels as well as two prayer rooms on campus. Besides offering community support, the FSC helps students of all faiths with work and exam deferrals for religious holidays or other religious accommodations. The FSC also hosts the Pluralism and Religious Diversity Week, along with their weekly offerings, found on their website. It’s also a good place to find like-minded students to pray or meditate with.

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