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Daily Archives: February 7, 2019

Calgary athlete keeps parkour spirit alive

By David Song, February 7 2019 — As a sport, parkour is often misunderstood. The very word calls to mind brave daredevils executing flamboyant tricks in urban environments, wearing no safety equipment whatsoever. In the minds of many, parkour is synonymous with flashy, gymnastics-like techniques such as flips and twists. It is a misconception that…

Stop sending out mass emails asking for notes

By Aneeka Sandhu, February 7 2019 — I can speak for many university students in saying that my attendance record is never 100 per cent — it’s close, though! We’ve all missed a class at some point, whether due to illness, doctor’s appointments, meetings or accidentally sleeping in. If you miss the lecture, some kind soul will usually be…

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