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‘When they became explainable’: U of C prof talks serial killers

The database for which she became known to the likes of CBC, VICE and Maclean’s started as a nerdy hobby she worked on after her classes and quickly gained momentum, becoming part of her research at the U of C. Reid describes her database as a collection of information from journals and transcripts of serial killers, focusing specifically on developing the profiles of the criminals’ childhoods. Her hope is to find a commonality among the profiles that may help explain their later behaviour.

New Music: The Mountain Goats

By Nikayla Goddard, June 6 2019 — Riding a fine line between enchanting and haunting, nostalgic and expectant, The Mountain Goats’ seventeenth studio album In League with Dragons provides a patchwork quilt of emotions in all twelve tracks. Channelling strong, occasionally discomforting, essences of tabletop roleplay games like Dungeons and Dragons, the album captures a…

Your day-by-day guide to Sled Island

By Troy Hasselman, June 6 2019 — The Sled Island Music & Arts Festival, a Calgary festival and cultural institution, has grown to be one of the biggest draws in the city’s busy festival season as the downtown core is transformed into a playground for lovers of music, film, art and comedy. With countless bands,…

Hydrating fruit juices for the summer heat

By Tori Taylor, June 4 2019 — Hydration can come in all sorts of fun forms. Enjoy your summer with a plethora of fresh-squeezed juices that will keep you cool, hydrated and replenished. Fruits and vegetables contain high levels of antioxidants that fight off toxins. As well, fresh juices are packed sky-high with the vitamins…

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