Pint-Sized Collective changes Calgary’s all-age scene

By Jason Herring, May 21 2015 — Being a teenage music fan in Calgary is difficult. Most bands play in bars and clubs where audience members must be at least 18-years-old to attend. Calgary’s Pint-Sized Collective, along with independent underage musicians from the city, are hoping to change the all-age landscape by offering concerts where…

New Music: Alabama Shakes

By Sonny Sachdeva, May 21 2015 — Six years into their acclaimed run as soul music’s new-age saviour, blues rock quartet Alabama Shakes is still unlike any other. The group’s newest offering, Sound & Color, makes this clear. Lead vocalist Brittany Howard tears through the album with her signature soulful desperation.  Coming three years after…

New Music: Death Grips

By Jason Herring, May 21 2015 — Death Grips have angered a lot of people over the last few years. Their stunts are frequent — live dates the band fails to show up for, a sudden release for an album whose cover is a picture of a dick and a breakup every year.   If…

Red Mile harrasment showcases hockey’s misogyny

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, May 21 2015 — I was a little girl when I played my first hockey game. I loved it, despite being the only girl on the team. It was my dream to play alongside the boys and eventually make the NHL. I still remember the day my parents told me the hard truth — girls don’t play…

Genderbent play portrays origins of Good Will Hunting

By Rachel Woodward, May 21 2015 — Everyone has wondered what kind of bromance Matt Damon and Ben Affleck struck up while writing their classic 1997 drama Good Will Hunting. Theatre Transit now presents that story as the play Matt & Ben, running from May 28–June 6. The play, originally written by Mindy Kaling and…

Louie Villanueva

West Campus ready for development

By Fabian Mayer, May 21 2015 — More details about the planned West Campus development have been released. The West Campus Development Trust (WCDT) is in charge of designing and planning the new community, which will be built on the vacant land west of campus. The area is bound by Shaganappi Trail, 16th Avenue and…


Three TV shows to binge-watch

Mad Men’s series finale aired on Sunday, ending the stories of womanizing Don Draper, baby-faced Pete Campbell and advertising’s failed attempts at adapting to a decade marked by radical change. The finale was marketed as the end of an era, and that’s what it feels like. But all good things must come to an end….

Louie Villanueva

University of Calgary launches new emergency app

By Hayden McBennett, May 21 2015 — The University of Calgary now has a notification-based mobile app intended to keep campus safe. The free app, called UC Emergency, sends out push notifications with security information to its users. Bob Maber, a manager with the U of C’s emergency management department, helped work on the project….

Scott Strasser

Ombuds office overhauled after Students’ Union threatens to withdraw funding

By Fabian Mayer, May 21 2015 — The University of Calgary has restructured the student ombuds office after the Students’ Union threatened to withdraw funding because of ineffective service. The university will hire a new ombudsperson and students may be employed in the office. The ombuds office is an impartial resource for students seeking advice in…

Alexander Kim

How the NDP toppled a 44-year PC dynasty

By Fabian Mayer, May 14 2015 — Prior to last week, only Albertans over the age of 65 could say they had voted in a provincial election that did not result in a Progressive Conservative majority government. The PCs’ near 44-year reign ended when Albertans elected the New Democratic Party as their government on May…

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