How to write a paper

By Melanie Woods, April 2 2015 — Tis the season for hours of studying and finishing 5,000-word papers the day before they’re due. With your overwhelming workload in mind, we here at the Gauntlet compiled a step-by-step guide to writing the perfect research paper. 1. Decide on a medium. Abandon Microsoft Word and get creative….

Alexander Kim

Popular rock on campus actually just piece of schist

By Derek Baker, April 2 2015 — Researchers in the department of geoscience have identified the original composition of the rock located outside of the MacKimmie Library Block. The rock is used by students to promote their events, opinions, frat parties and motivational messages. This new mineral, formally called Dinoite, has been tested vigorously in…

Raquel Centeno

Trigger warnings protect vulnerable students

By Kate Jacobson, April 2 2015 — Universities should use trigger warnings so students have the necessary information to make choices about their own mental health.  Trigger warnings are short sentences included before discussing a distressing topic, like “trigger warning: graphic depictions of sexual assault.” Critics of trigger warnings claim they infringe on free speech…

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