Louie Villanueva

Foothills Campus installs secure bike storage

By Fabian Mayer, May 28 2015 — Cyclists at the University of Calgary’s Foothills Campus have a new place to store their bikes. The secure bike storage facility is in the courtyard between the Health Sciences Centre and Health Research Innovation Centre. The caged facility can accommodate about 250 bikes and costs $30 per year…

Courtesy Teresa Sedó

Music streaming undercompensates artists

By Jason Herring, May 28 2015 — When online music streaming service TIDAL launched in late March, it was accompanied by a press conference featuring 16 of the most popular musicians today, who are ‘artist shareholders’ of the company. Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Daft Punk, Arcade Fire and Jack White were just some of the…

Louie Villanueva

U of C professor wins $1.65-million grant for carbon capture research

By Fabian Mayer, May 28 2015 — A University of Calgary professor has been awarded a six-year, $1.65-million grant to train students in carbon capture technologies. Carbon capture seeks to mitigate climate change by collecting carbon emissions from power plants, usually storing it underground. The Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) grant is awarded by the…

Barry Cooper

U of C author’s work found on bin Laden’s bookshelf

By Fabian Mayer, May 28 2015 — A University of Calgary professor’s celebrity grew last week when the CIA  revealed that one of his books was found in Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani compound. Barry Cooper teaches courses in political philosophy and has been at the U of C for over 30 years. His book, titled New…

Tech expert explores social computing

By Claudia Wong, May 28 2015 — Technology expert Xun Luo gave a talk about how social elements are natural ingredients for computing at the University of Calgary on May 25. Luo works with Qualcomm Research, an American communications company. He holds a PhD in computer science and is the inventor or co-inventor of over…

New Music: Holly Herndon

By Jason Herring, May 28 2015 — Glitchy electronic soundscapes, fragmented vocalizations and bizarre sound collages define Holly Herndon’s latest album Platform. The San Fransisco-based composer’s sonic experimentations are original and compelling, but too indulgent at times for most listeners to enjoy. Platform finds Herndon building on the largely conventional electronic sound of her debut….

New Music: Speedy Ortiz

By Jason Herring, May 28 2015 — I hate the term ‘indie rock.’ When I hear it, I imagine music that’s nondescript and impotent. So when I started hearing good things about Massachusetts four-piece Speedy Ortiz’s latest album Foil Deer, I was wary of the band’s indie rock classification. But the group manages to craft…

How David Letterman changed late-night TV

By Sonny Sachdeva, May 28 2015 — May 20 marked a historic shift in the late-night television landscape as David Letterman ended his 22-year run as host of CBS’s Late Show. Letterman’s departure is more than the beginning of a new era for the well-known talk show. It caps off an exceptional career that permanently…

Courtesy Caitlin Regan

Juice should be a supplement, not a replacement

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, May 28 2015 — Remember when açaí berry was the superfood touted as the key to instant weight loss? Before that it was kale. Before that, spinach. Now it’s juice. A new health trend has hit Calgary. Juicing, a health binge emphasizing a diet of only raw juice, is the newest nutrition…

Louie Villanueva

Calgary City Council reaches rare compromise on secondary suites

By Fabian Mayer, May 21 2015 — Secondary suite advocates scored a victory last week when Calgary City Council passed the first reading of a bylaw that would legalize secondary suites in four inner-city wards. Secondary suites are separate housing units inside single-family homes, usually basements with their own kitchen and bathroom and typically rented…

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