Campus mental-health resources inadequate

By Kaleem Khan, October 2 2014 — Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among university-aged Canadians. As far as social issues go, it’s more widely discussed now than it was 10 years ago, but that hasn’t translated into quality mental-health services on campus. Mental health is a medical issue. Our hearts are…


Film studies gets new screening room

By Michelle Li, October 2 2014 — The University of Calgary’s film studies department started the school year with a new state-of-the-art screening room in Social Sciences 203. Lee Carruthers, assistant professor of film and communications,  says the lab is the result years of planning to find a more suitable location to teach film classes….


New Music: Aphex Twin

By Jason Herring, October 2 2014 — Aphex Twin — the pseudonym of electronic musician Richard D. James — has been on hiatus for the past 13 years. Luckily for his fans, his new record, Syro, was released Sept. 22. And the wait proves to be worthwhile, as the album incorporates countless ideas and styles…


Optional donations are in good faith

By Jeremy Woo, October 2 2014 — When you paid your student fees this year, they probably included a $10 donation to help struggling University of Calgary students. The Student Peer Assistance Bursary Program is funded by a $10 donation that’s wrapped into your student fees. Unless you opt out, $10 from your student fees…


New Music: The Rural Alberta Advantage

By Andy Williams, October 2 2014 — The Rural Alberta Advantage is a three-piece Toronto-based band with a reputation for wistful and compelling folk songs drawn from lead singer Nils Edenloff’s upbringing in rural Alberta. Previous efforts weave Edenloff’s tenor with Paul Banwatt’s remarkable, driving percussion, supplemented by multi-instrumentalist Amy Cole, who plays the keyboard…


These lecturers can’t get no respect

By Derek Baker, October 2 2014 — Now that September has come to an end, classes are in full swing. We’re now in the regular rhythm of lectures, a sequence of cramming students into the theatre, feverishly taking notes and filing everyone back out. Theoretically, even if a large lecture isn’t enjoyable, it should  at…

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