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CJSW launches new project aiming to document Calgary’s rich musical history

By Jason Herring, February 2 2016 — Campus radio station CJSW 90.9 FM recently announced their Calgary Local Music Library project, which aims to compile an aural and visual history of Calgary music. The traveling installation will tour around Calgary Public Library branches. CJSW is searching for donations of CDs, posters, photographs and other paraphernalia…


Staff Picks: Roller Derby, Disc Golf and Kendo provide active alternatives

Roller Derby: I started playing roller derby because my job stressed me out. I work long hours and wanted a hobby that didn’t have anything to do with newspapers. Roller derby — with its violence and lack of men — seemed like a perfect fit. I bought a pair of roller skates, boiled a mouthguard…

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The U of C’s community is stronger online

By Sean Willett, February 2, 2016 — If you’ve been going to the University of Calgary long enough, you’ve probably heard complaints about a lack of campus culture. U of C students don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm for engaging with their campus community as students in other universities — they don’t join clubs,…

Alexander Kim

NDP pipeline strategy viable in long term

By Fabian Mayer, February 2, 2016 — Rachel Notley touted the benefits of a carbon tax and emissions cap for the reputation of Alberta’s energy sector when she announced Alberta’s new climate plan in November. She claimed it would help the province access new energy markets for our oil. But two months later, the pipeline…


Six wild and crazy Tim Horton’s orders you never thought were possible

By Jill Girgulis, February 2 2016 — Everyone’s probably heard of the infamous “Wayne Gretzky” order at Tim Horton’s — a regular coffee with nine cream and nine sugar. But Tim Horton’s customization extends beyond simply adding more cream and sugar. Here are some wild ways to spice up your morning coffee. The “Wayne Gretzky…

Kaleem Khan

Super Bowl 50 horoscopes

By Melanie Woods, February 2 2016 — Aquarius  (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) You will miss the train, go grab a coffee and then just barely miss the next train. This must be what Cleveland Browns fans feel like on draft day.  Pisces  (Feb. 19 – March 20) You will be invited to play in…

New Music: Daughter

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, February 2 2016 — Daughter, who broke out with their impressive 2013 debut, If You Leave, just released Not To Disappear, a follow-up filled with nuanced electronics and breathy vocals. The band, fronted by London’s Elena Tonra, returns with their familiar airy and withdrawn style, but lacks the ambition of their initial…

Fiasco Gelato recoups after December fire

By Rachel Woodward, February 2 2016 — Local artisan gelato company Fiasco Gelato suffered a blow on Dec. 19 when an early morning fire tore through their café and offices. Since then, the business has been working non-stop to get back on their feet. According to spokesperson Brittany Back, they moved back into their offices…


Festival challenges Calgarians to cycle through winter months

By Jason Herring, February 2 2016 — For many, the thought of riding a bicycle through cold winds and icy streets is an unappealing prospect. But as year-round cycling’s popularity grows in Calgary and the city builds infrastructure to support those who ride through the winter, festivals like Winterpalooza, taking place from Feb. 10–15, are…

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