New Music: Peer Support

By Connor Sadler, September 11 2014 — View, the latest release from Calgary-based indie band Peer Support, strikes a good balance between the indie-rock style of their early albums and the dreamy, ambient tone of their last release Far From Here. The album consists of soothing vocals complimented by energetic and rhythmic instrumentals. The EP…


New Music: The Lad Mags

By Sean Willett, September 11 2014 —  Self-described as “four women and a garbageman drummer,” The Lad Mags are a garage rock band from Edmonton that has hit the local music scene like a cobweb-covered asteroid. After releasing a handful of EPs over the last year, the band has put out a full-length self-titled cassette….


New Music: Slight Birching

By Kaleem Khan, September 11 2014 —  From the shores of Vancouver comes the first album by neo-folk musician Sean Travis Ramsey, known as Slight Birching. Cultural Envelope is equal parts album and conceptual sound art piece. Blending folk, ambient and noise, the meticulously crafted album presents a subtle and sparse cosmic soundscape that is…


Campus construction slugs along

By Susan Anderson, September 11 2014 — If you’ve been wondering what the deal is with all this construction happening on campus, you’re not alone. As you walk north from MacHall, you’re met with two construction sites. The first site is the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. The institute is being built on the…


New office space for the Q Centre

Q: The SU Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity opened their new space last week. The space was renovated after a Quality Money grant funded improvements on the old SU Conference and Events offices.  The new centre is 10 times the size of their previous space. The Q Centre acts as a safe space for…


Local sci-fi author questions technological dependence in Cypulchre

By Connor Sadler, September 11 2014 — Cypulchre, the latest novel from Calgary sci-fi author Joseph MacKinnon revolves around the creation of the Cloud, a futuristic technology that lets users explore the “noosphere,” an internet-like plane of existence where everything is shaped by your thoughts. Cypulchre’s protagonist, Paul Sheffield, is the washed-up creator of the…

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