Mark McMorris talks snowboarding, Saskatchewan and his new film, ‘In Motion’

Eric Gonzalez, September 29 2015 —  It’s been an interesting couple years for Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris. The 21-year-old rose to prominence during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics as he became the first Canadian to reach the podium, capturing the slopestyle bronze medal. Since then, McMorris has racked up two gold medals at the 2015…


We need public broadcasting

The CBC has been a fixture in Canadian culture since its radio launch in 1936. The oldest public broadcasting network in Canada offers programming in English, French and eight Aboriginal languages across two television networks and five radio transmitters, along with a strong online presence. And now its place in our country is less certain….


Calgary Confederation Green candidate talks free tuition and climate change

By Fabian Mayer, September 29 2015 — Throughout the federal election the Gauntlet will interview candidates running in Calgary Confederation. This newly created riding includes the University of Calgary and many surrounding communities. Green Party candidate and U of C alumna Natalie Odd is a project manager at the environmental non-profit organization Alberta Ecotrust. We…


Club races electric motorcycle in Utah

By Fabian Mayer, September 29 2015 — A University of Calgary club raced its homemade electric motorcycle, the Zephyr, to a fourth place finish at the eMotoRacing series in Tooele, Utah. Team Zeus is comprised almost entirely of engineering students and was the only university entry at the national zero-emissions competition. The race featured six teams…


University staff fall victim to cyberattack

By Fabian Mayer, September 29 2015 — Thirteen University of Calgary staff had their pay diverted into different bank accounts after their PeopleSoft accounts were accessed and their banking information changed. Hackers accessed a total of 29 accounts, though only 13 had banking details modified. Vice-president finance and services Linda Dalgetty said the university’s first…


Do arts students need to take science courses?

Yes, breadth requirements help students get a better education   By Babur Ilchi, September 29, 2015 — Arts majors should take science courses. Science majors should take arts courses. The point of attending any post-secondary institution is to learn, and saying that you hate taking science or arts courses closes your mind from the world…


Wellness Centre studied for expansion

By Babur Ilchi, September 29 2015 — Students waiting to see a doctor on campus may soon have shorter wait times. The SU Wellness Centre is undergoing a feasibility study to determine whether expansion of the facility is possible. The study is backed by a $120,000 Quality Money grant. The bulk of the funding is…


Assignments should be free for students

By Jason Herring, September 29, 2015 — I pride myself on being a thrifty university student. When I pay my tuition, I triple-check to make sure I’ve opted-out of any fees that aren’t mandatory. I don’t buy textbooks unless they’re absolutely necessary. If I have to buy one, I find it cheap on Kijiji and hope…


Could solar power be used in Calgary?

By Sean Willett, September 29, 2015 — While we don’t use them much in Alberta, there are ways to generate electricity other than coal and gas. One of these is solar power, which has yet to reach anywhere near the level of ubiquity of other green-energy sources. For many people, the reason for Alberta’s distaste…

Liam Goslett

Ottawa songwriter Kalle Mattson brings angsty alt-rock tunes to the prairies

By Jason Herring, September 29 2015 — Ottawa-based singer-songwriter Kalle Mattson is on the cusp of hitting it big, even if he doesn’t admit it. His 2014 album, Someday, the Moon Will Be Gold, was an intimate record that made waves with a long-list Polaris Prize nod and widespread critical acclaim. Now Mattson returns with…

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