Louie Villanueva

Dinos hockey swept in season openers

By Johny Faul, October 13 2015 – The Dinos men’s hockey team saw their home opener against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies slip away in a high-scoring affair as they suffered a 6–5 loss in overtime. The Dinos started the game well, leading 2–0 after the first frame. But when the second period began, head coach…

Kaleem Khan

Your future is written down, just like these books

By Melanie Woods, October 13 2015 — Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) You will read James Joyce’s Ulysses backwards on a dare from a friend and discover it’s actually the story of a sad, confused dog. Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) William Shakespeare will approach you in a dark alley, call you a…

Denisse Alarcon

Top five ways to pass your midterms

By Nada Salem, October 13 2015 — Midterm season is back, and many students find themselves worrying about making it through those big tests. If the traditional advice of studying hard, doing your readings and going through practice questions doesn’t work for you, we have five easy tips to help you pass your midterms. Call…

Eliza Adam

Bake sale feud between clubs quickly escalates into Food Network-style war

By Jill Girgulis, October 13 2015 — Last Wednesday, Campus Security received reports of a Food Network-style bake-off occurring between clubs at the table in Science B. Students from the Archaeology Students’ Association and the Yoga United club were locked in a Chopped-style competition when responders arrived. Students claim the feud was a result of…


Jobs in direct sales are bad for students

By Preetha Gopalakrishnan, October 13, 2015 — This fall, students will begin another year of panicking about not having enough experience for an entry-level position upon graduation. They will seek out any chance to get ahead — internships, startups and the traditional student positions layered on University of Calgary noticeboards. But lurking among those flyers…

Hard work and a lazy Conservative could win Calgary Confederation for the Liberals

By Fabian Mayer, October 13, 2015 — It’s hard to overstate the futility Calgary Liberals have experienced at the federal level over the past five decades. Since Pat Mahoney’s 1968 win in Calgary-South, several dozen candidates have put their name on Calgary ballots for Canada’s historically most successful political party. All have lost. The Liberals…


Niqabs don’t have to be empowering

By Kate Jacobson, October 13, 2015 — The last few weeks of Canada’s federal election have been dominated by a public debate about a woman’s right to wear a niqab while declaring the Oath of Allegiance during a citizenship ceremony. A niqab is a hair and face covering worn by devout Muslim women, primarily Sunni….

Calgary author Zsuzsi Gartner talks time at the Gauntlet

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, October 13 2015 — Canadian author Zsuzsi Gartner has a prolific resume. The University of Calgary graduate’s most recent short story collection, Better Living Through Plastic Explosions, was shortlisted for the 2011 Giller Prize. Her work has been published by CBC, NPR, The Globe & Mail and The Walrus, and she currently…

Wordfest celebrates 20th anniversary with spotlight on Canadian writers

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, October 13 2015 — Wordfest, Calgary’s premier literary festival, is returning to local bookstores and libraries from Oct. 13–18 for its 20th anniversary. The festival is celebrating a milestone year with a high-profile lineup that includes writers like The Book of Negroes author Lawrence Hill and Adam Shoalts, who writes novels about…

Inaugural Calgary roots music festival launches

By Jason Herring, October 13 2015 — A new festival is hitting the Calgary music scene as the Wide Cut Weekend roots festival launches at various downtown Calgary venues from Oct. 15–17. The festival showcases roots music from artists across the province. According to the Wide Cut Weekend website, roots music is “music that lies at…

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