Calling all bullies in Leafs Nation

By Stephane Arnault, October 16 2014 — The Toronto Maple Leafs, who led the National Hockey League in fighting majors over the last two seasons, have entered the 2014–15 campaign without an undisputed brawler. Big mistake. Two days before the Leafs’ season opener, the club sent down enforcers Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren to the…


I sigh, you sigh, we all sigh for Eyes High

You’ve probably heard the news — the University of Calgary is the top-ranked university under 50 years of age in Canada, according to the QS rankings. Those same rankings say we’re No. 2 under 50 in North America and No. 9 in the world. According to Maclean’s annual report, we’re the No. 9 doctoral university…


Field Notes brings nature into the gallery

By Connor Sadler, October 16 2014 — Albertan artist Lisa Matthias’ new exhibit of woodcut prints, Field Notes, will be on display at the Christine Klassen Gallery in south east Calgary  from Oct. 23 until Nov 29. The exhibit consists of hand carved wood block prints screen printed by Matthias. The prints draw inspiration from natural…


Rosie and the Riveters embrace spirit of the ’40s

By Hayden McBennett, October 16 2014 — Rosie and the Riveters is a vintage-clad women’s quartet who perform a mix of traditional and original gospel tunes. Delivered with “scintillating choreography, body percussion, complex harmony, humour and the charm of the 1940s,” each performance is a unique experience, says Allyson Reigh, the newest member of the group….


This Changes Everything frames discourse on climate change

By Sean Grisdale, October 16 2014 — With This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, Naomi Klein advances a critical arc established in her works No Logo and The Shock Doctrine. While those books investigate the consequences of a corporate globalization — undergirded by the young ideology of free-market fundamentalism — her latest work extends these…


Butcher carves up mysterious political thriller

By Liv Ingram, October 16 2014 — When an enigmatic stranger shows up at a police station on Christmas Eve wearing a foreign military uniform, a Santa hat and a meat hook around his neck, his presence is a mystery. Since the stranger doesn’t speak English, uncovering his motives becomes even more difficult for the detective…

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