Louie Villanueva

New Village Brewery beer is to die for

By Sonny Sachdeva, February 26 2015 — Nestled in the heart of Inglewood, Village Brewery has made a name for itself as a business that makes great beer and supports the local community. Even the beers’ names are locally inspired. Their newest release, a black saison called Undertaker, got its name from their accountant’s grandfather…

Video Games Live

Video game music goes to the orchestra

By Connor Sadler, February 26 2015 — Pop culture and the orchestra don’t usually mix. But Video Games Live brings the two together into a show that highlights the energy and excitement of the greatest music of gaming. Video Games Live is an orchestral performance of the music from popular video game franchises. Created in…

Nintendo Entertainment

Majora’s Mask makes triumphant return on 3DS

By Connor Sadler, February 26 2015 — The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D is a re-release of the popular adventure game that debuted in October 2000. The game focuses on Link, a young boy in pursuit of the Skull Kid, a forest imp who stole an ancient and powerful artifact called Majora’s Mask. Using…

Alexander Kim

The truth is out there, north of Edmonton

By Alexander Kim, February 26 2015 — There’s a UFO landing pad in St. Paul, a town of 6,000 about two hours north-east of Edmonton. The landing pad and its historical context are the subject of Space Fictions & the Archives, an exhibition at The New Gallery by Canadian artist Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen. Nguyen contrasts…

Campus needs designated prayer space

By Chase Little, February 26 2015 — University is difficult. Chasing a perfect GPA can be a crippling source of stress. If we add in non-academic struggles, life can be dark at times. And in times of need, many students turn to prayer for solace. Religious students deserve designated spaces where they can pray. Around…

Rhys Sosnowski

We deserve your vote

By David Song, February 26 2015 — Students stay busy. There’s a constant stream of academic work and for most of us, the classroom is a major source of stress. It’s easy to see why voter turnout in the Students’ Union election is low. Last year, only 28.8 per cent of eligible voters went to…

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