Blackbyrd Myoozik opens during vinyl revival

By Rachel Woodward, November 26 2015 – An independent record store based out of Edmonton, Blackbyrd Myoozik, is launching a Calgary location on 17th Ave SW. Following the store’s grand opening party on Nov. 26, the shop is set to fully open for business. The store was founded in 1993 — before the modern resurgence…

Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver lead late-night resurgence

By Sonny Sachdeva, November 26 2015 — Late-night TV has gone through a significant cultural change over the past few years. Former industry leaders like David Letterman, Jay Leno and Jon Stewart have moved on from the silver screen, while a crop of fresh-faced clowns are taking their place. But even though the medium’s former…

Linkle a step backwards for women in gaming

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, November 26 2015 — Nintendo announced their newest addition to the Legend of Zelda universe last week. Linkle, the female version of, the series’ main character, was revealed as a playable character in the upcoming Zelda-spinoff game Hyrule Warriors 3DS. Introducing Linkle to the Hyrule Warriors series brings with it a slew…

Image Comics

2015 in review: Feminist comics lead the pack

By Melanie Woods, November 26 2015 — According to The Big Bang Theory, comic book shops are the kind of place where socially-awkward men gather to pick up the latest Batman or a replica Captain America shield. This is how we’ve thought of comics culture for decades. Rarely have comics — particularly by-the-issue series —…


Students’ Union seeks injunction to retain MacHall

By Fabian Mayer, November 19 2015 — The Students’ Union is seeking an injunction to retain control of MacHall until its ongoing lawsuit with the university concludes. The matter appears before the Court of Queen’s Bench on Dec. 4. The university is set to take over MacHall’s operation and revenue after their current operating agreement…


University of Calgary can’t escape controversy at budget town hall

By Fabian Mayer, November 18 2015 — Controversies surrounding the University of Calgary loomed large at the university’s budget town hall on Wednesday. Upper-level university administrators presented budget plans, mentioning a 1–1.5 per cent budget cut. President Elizabeth Cannon and provost Dru Marshall took questions from the campus community following the presentation. Most questions focused…


University plans to seize control of MacHall from Students’ Union

By Fabian Mayer, November 17 2015 — The University of Calgary plans to take over the operation of MacHall from its Students’ Union when the operating agreement between the two parties is terminated on Dec. 9. Attempts to negotiate a new operating agreement stalled this year after disagreements over who owns the building. The dispute…

Greg Neate

Calgary’s Femme Wave launches as first feminist multimedia festival in Canada

By Jarrett Edmund, November 17 2015 — When Calgary bandmates Hayley Muir and Kaely Cormack came up with the idea for a local multidisciplinary feminist arts festival, they scoured the web for a precedent and were shocked when nothing Canadian came up. As far as they could tell, Canada had never hosted a feminist multimedia…


Dinos’ season ends with heartbreaking Hardy Cup loss

By Sonny Sachdeva, November 14, 2015 — The script was written for the Dinos football team as they headed into their Nov. 14 matchup against the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds. The University of Calgary rolled through the regular season undefeated, and easily took down the University of Saskatchewan in the first instalment of their…


Administration has lost our trust

It’s business as usual at the University of Calgary as administration reverts to damage control after yet another scandal. Administration’s heavy-handed involvement in the Enbridge Centre for Corporate Sustainability shows they care more about corporate donations than the student experience, despite their constant denial of this claim. It happens a few times each year —…

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