Government must take action on climate change

September 25, 2014 — This June, July and August were the hottest months on record, and 2014 is set to become the hottest year in recorded history. The United Nations Sept. 23 climate summit in New York couldn’t have come at a better time. A global problem requires a global solution, but there needs to…


Tighten up: focus, students and ADHD

By Tobias Ma, September 25 2014 — In the next few weeks, the library will fill up. Summer’s last rays of daylight will burn the sidewalk, the sound of Vitamin D splattering on the asphalt drowned out by the rustle of pages and shallow breathing next door in the library. Students will stare into the…


Cassie Campbell’s success pivotal to rise of women’s hockey

By Taylor McKee, September 25 2014 — Women’s hockey in Canada has grown exponentially over the past 20 years thanks in large part to the performance of the Canadian National Women’s Team. During this period, Cassie Campbell played a pivotal role on three Canadian Olympic and six World Championship gold-medal teams. But, Campbell’s impact has…


Don’t let the gym bros weigh you down

By David Song, September 25 2014 — I work out. Am I physically robust? Not really. Do I lift? Well, right now I’m working on being able to lift my body weight on the assisted pull-up machine, but I need the assistance for a reason. At 5’3” and 135 pounds, I’m what you would call…

Dinos Athletic Excellence Award program announces $500,000 in scholarships

By Ashton Chugh, September 25 2014 — The University of Calgary Dinos announced that $500,000 from the Dinos Athletic Excellence Award program will be available to student-athletes in the 2014–15 academic year. The increase from $250,000 doubles the Dinos’ scholarship offering from 2013–14. Combined with the Jimmie Condon athletic scholarships funded by the Government of…

Historic night for Timmis as Dinos beat Huskies

By Ashton Chugh, September 25 2014 — The Dinos football team continued their road trip with a 38–24 win over the University of Saskatchewan Huskies on Sept. 19. In what was the Dinos’ toughest test of the season, Mercer Timmis — the reigning Canada West MVP — picked up 208 rushing yards on 22 carries, scoring…

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