Melanie Bethune

Council under the influence

By Ashley Grey, January 29 2015 — Alcohol and work should never mix. Yet last week’s city council meeting wasted time arguing whether councillors should be able to drink on the job. The fact that this is even being discussed is embarrassing to our city. Instead of focusing on important municipal issues, councillors spent the…


New Music: Panda Bear

By Liam Harrison, January 29 2015 — Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, is a man whose life revolves around family. His solo album, Person Pitch, filtered his move to Lisbon and his relationship with his brother through a sunny, sample-heavy lens. His follow-up, Tomboy, featured murky compositions focused on his paranoia of one…

Raquel Centeno

Blame the government, not U of C admin

By Derek Baker, January 29 2015 — When the university doesn’t have enough money, students are often asked to pick up the cost. Students are quick to criticize any attempt by administration to raise tuition or residence fees. We complain when the university attempts to cut programs or pull back on services. Our reaction is…

Mount Royal Conservatory

MRU to open new performing arts centre

By Connor Sadler, January 29 2015 — Opening this summer, Mount Royal University’s (MRU) Conservatory and Bella Concert Hall will be the first performing arts centre built in Calgary since the Epcor Centre opened in 1985. The centre will grow MRU’s conservatory music program, adding new classrooms, six specialized rehearsal rooms and a 773-seat concert…

Stephanie Jager

Calgary Story Slam brings tall tales to local audiences

By Connor Sadler, January 29 2015 — Stories are an intrinsic part of our lives. From drunken talks over beers to tales about meeting crazy people while travelling, everyone has their stories. The Calgary Story Slam, created by Jilliane Yawney in October 2012, gives Calgarians the opportunity to share stories of their own. After attending…

Dawn Muenchrath

What does your future hold?

By Melanie Bethune, January 29 2015 — Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) The warm weather is a sign that the Fire Overlords are gaining strength. Fortify your home, protect your loved ones and stock up on deodorant and iced tea in preparation for the apocalypse. Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) A tall, bright…

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