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New Music: Lights

By Hurmut Humayun, October 3 2017 —  Lights is an established force in alt-pop music circles. Moving away from her niche alt-pop sound, Skin&Earth is Lights’ attempt to reach a more mainstream audience. Though it’s her most commercially friendly work, the album remains true to her synth-pop origins. Each of the album’s tracks fit perfectly…

Stay trendy this fall on a student budget

By Hurmut Humayun, September 22 2017 — This year’s fall trends focus more on fabrics and textures than specific styles or silhouettes. This allows for a lot of creativity and room to express your personal style. Since students don’t have an unlimited budget, here are some easy fall trends that anyone can follow for $60…

Five ways to reinvent yourself for the new semester

By Hurmut Humayun, September 6 2017 — New semester, new you. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself — this semester, reinvent yourself into someone who can at least pretend to have their shit together. With the new semester ramping up, here are some tried and true ways to make this semester your best yet….

Students must balance fashion and functionality

By Hurmut Humayan, Oct. 28 2017 — The CBC recently reported that many people have been going sockless and getting foot fungus as a result. The reason why these people — particularly men — are going sockless? Style. The argument lends itself to the age-old adage, “It is better to look good than to feel…

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