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New Music: Hozier

By Carlie Vassos, March 8 2019 — Hozier is back to delight our ears with his booming and effervescent voice on his first full-length album since 2014. Wasteland, Baby! promises listeners a soothing blend of musical styles across 14 tracks, incorporating a mix of blues and gospel elements among playful drumbeats and rhythmic guitar strums….

Social media desensitizes people to harsh realities

By Carlie Vassos, November 25 2017 — Technology has made mass media widely accessible, effectively forcing people to deal with constant exposure to tough subjects. Social media applications like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram allow us to share memories, keep tabs on our friends’ lives and give us millions of videos and articles that we click,…

Big Brother is watching, but not the one you know

Chinese tech company Huawei poses privacy risks to Canadians By Carlie Vassos, February 1 2019 — As technological innovations push forward, Canadian consumers blindly gobble up each shiny new toy created by the big three technology companies — Apple, Samsung and Google. However, over the past few years, Canada has welcomed even more foreign companies to the market, the most…

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