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David Bradford turns life changes into new music

By Rachel Woodward, February 28 2017 — For the past 10 years, musician David Bradford has called Calgary home. The indie-pop singer-songwriter released the three-track EP, Cry in Your Sleep, earlier this year after collaborating with guitarist Russell Broom. Bradford says that working with Broom was an important milestone in his music career. “He’s amazing….

New Music: David Bowie

By Jason Herring, January 12 2016 — When David Bowie returned to the music industry in 2013 with The Next Day, he fared better than most aging rock stars who come back for a victory lap. Though it lacked groundbreaking songwriting, the record felt like a vintage Bowie release and was a welcome addition to…

Chris Hadfield releases first album with songs recorded in outer space

By Jason Herring, September 10 2015 — Chris Hadfield has lived an extraordinary life. He was the first Canadian to walk in space, spent two months as the commander of the International Space Station (ISS) and has since become a global icon and an ambassador for space exploration. The retired astronaut has now moved towards…

Calgary athlete keeps parkour spirit alive

By David Song, February 7 2019 — As a sport, parkour is often misunderstood. The very word calls to mind brave daredevils executing flamboyant tricks in urban environments, wearing no safety equipment whatsoever. In the minds of many, parkour is synonymous with flashy, gymnastics-like techniques such as flips and twists. It is a misconception that…

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