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‘When they became explainable’: U of C prof talks serial killers

The database for which she became known to the likes of CBC, VICE and Maclean’s started as a nerdy hobby she worked on after her classes and quickly gained momentum, becoming part of her research at the U of C. Reid describes her database as a collection of information from journals and transcripts of serial killers, focusing specifically on developing the profiles of the criminals’ childhoods. Her hope is to find a commonality among the profiles that may help explain their later behaviour.

UC Moot Court Society raises the bar for undergrads

By Matty Hume, June 29 2018 —  On June 5, Students’ Union vice-president student life Nabila Farid announced the successful registration of the University of Calgary Moot Court Society (UCMCS) as an SU club. A moot court is an event where students conduct a fictional trial, often in front of a legitimate judge. “It’s essentially…

The five stages of grief after getting a bad midterm grade

By Gayathri Peringod, March 14 2018 — Grief is an inevitable experience. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one or the harsh consequences of binge-watching Netflix the night before your midterm, grief occurs in five key stages. It all begins when you hear that the professor posted the marks, impatiently click the…

How to look like you belong in the gym

By Gayathri Peringod, January 16 2018 — Feeling bloated? Want to work off that holiday weight but terrified that people will realize you’ve never stepped foot in a gym? We’re here to help. I went to the gym at least twice last year and I’ve only been kicked out once, so I know what I’m talking…

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