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The Gauntlet often publishes longer, more in-depth pieces for our “Features” section. These allow us to highlight campus happenings, people or research or to take a deeper dive into news stories that matter to our campus community.

Bob Gibson speculative fiction collection highlights U of C’s off-the-beaten-path archives

By Nikayla Goddard, March 20 2019 — The Taylor Family Digital Library at the University of Calgary holds many hidden gems through a series of out-of-the-way side doors. Stored in the TFDL and the High Density Library (HDL) near Spy Hill campus, Archives and Special Collections is home to nearly 110,000 rare books, collections and…

Beer and loathing at the Calgary Stampede

By Thomas Johnson, August 25 2018 — The Street It’s 11 a.m. and I’ve got a can of cheap beer in hand. I’m in a queue encompassing the entire block, waiting for a breakfast along The Street. It’s one of over a hundred Stampede Breakfasts providing on-the-house carbs to sop up the liquor in the pit…

The City of Calgary’s Transit History

By Mariah Wilson, May 10 2018 — Public transit is a vital part of any urban environment. It can define a city through its integration of public art, like in the underground tunnels of Stockholm, or its impressive speed, like the blazing maglev train in Shanghai. Whether people find their city’s public transit charming or…

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