Vacant Students’ Union VP external position disconcerting

June 29 2018 — The current Students’ Union executive team is incomplete. Following the resignation of then vice-president external elect Puncham Judge in late April, the position was brought to the SU’s Nominations Committee to recommend the appointment of a current Students’ Legislative Council member to the position for the interim until a fall byelection….

With pipeline decision, Trudeau crosses the Rubicon

By Wyatt Schierman, June 15 2018 —  Justin Trudeau has a penchant for Roman history. His eulogy to his late father opened with the Shakespearean line, “Friends, Romans, countrymen” from the play Julius Caesar. His son, Hadrien, shares his name with one of the ‘five good emperors’ of Roman history. Using a Roman analogy the…

Calgary’s Olympic bid process is reckless

By Derek Baker, May 11 2018 — The City of Calgary is currently exploring options for a bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. After a fiery City Council meeting on April 10, which presented Calgary’s bid corporation’s (BidCo) current public engagement status, city councillors voted 9–6 in favour of continuing to explore the city’s…

When to get off toxic dating apps

By Lady Marmalade, May 9 2018 — If you’ve been on Tinder for a while, you’ve probably matched with a few people and even met up with some. Regardless, if you are currently on the app, there’s a chance that you haven’t found love yet. If this is true, you’ve probably fallen into the habit…

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