How to keep fit during Ramadan

By Saania Zafar, May 22 2019— Ramadan is a month in which Muslims take time to self-reflect and pray. During this month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. During the day, they are not able to eat or drink anything. That includes water, so it can be hard to fit exercise into a daily schedule….

Can Ken Holland turn the Edmonton Oilers around?

By Matthew Beaupré, May 17 2019— Front office moves in sports are often hard to assess in the moment and the hiring of Ken Holland as General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers is no different. Holland’s track record makes him a Holy Grail of NHL GMs, in league with Lou Lamoriello and GM wunderkind Steve…

Plenty of fun runs in Calgary this summer

By Tori Taylor, April 25 2019 — This summer, grab a group of friends, a buddy or run solo in any of YYC’s many fun runs. Entering these runs will give you an opportunity to keep your cardio up without getting bored — double win. Calgary has several options varying in length and competitive energy. Some…

Float tanks provide relaxation, stress-relief

By Frankie Hart, April 23 2019 — I try to slowly move my arms and legs into a more comfortable position, accidentally splashing some water onto my face and into my eye. Oh god. Oh god. It stings so bad. I squeeze my eyes shut and cautiously flip over, crawling on my knees with my…

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