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Disc golf enthusiast remembered with the opening of a world-class course

By Aurora Anderson, June 29 2018 —

With an abundance of unique activities available in Calgary, deciding which you want to try can be challenging. A growing recreational sport in the city is disc golf. It’s played like traditional golf, but replaces balls with a flying disc and the hole with a basket. Players throw their disc from a tee area to the basket, avoiding bushes, trees and other terrain that pose as obstacles.

In Calgary’s Northwest, the David Richardson Memorial Disc Golf Park nestles on 27 acres of rolling hills. The course measures over 7,400 feet in length for experts or 5,200 feet for beginners and families. Built with the intent of being used as a professional tournament venue, it’s the longest course in Calgary. Plus, there’s no charge to play, which makes it the perfect course for students to give disc golf a shot.

Treasure Richardson, the widow of course namesake David Richardson’s, was key in the park’s development. She is excited for players to experience the course.

“I feel it is going to be a destination park for those that are just learning about the sport of disc golf all the way up to the very top professionals that want the challenge of an advanced course,” she said.

Richardson decided that creating a disc golf course to honour her late husband made perfect sense.

“David loved the sport of disc golf and he played three to four times a week,” she said. “When David passed away, I was very determined to leave a legacy in his name. He was someone that always gave back to the community, he had such a big heart and really cared about the well-being and happiness of others.”

Between getting the land donated from the city and province in November 2015 to the grand opening on June 9, the park took almost three years to finalize.

Richardson detailed why this sport and park is ideal for students.

“The course is free to everyone. It requires very little equipment — all of which will easily fit in a backpack. It’s outside, it’s a play-on-your-own or with a group kind of game. It’s challenging yet it’s super fun. It’s literally a walk in the park,” Richardson said. “There are even bus stops right outside the park if students don’t have a vehicle.”

From the University of Calgary, students can take the Red Line north to Tuscany station and then take Route 9 to Eastbound 112 Ave. NW at Royal Vista Drive NW. From there, it’s a four-minute walk to the course.

The sport is easy for beginners and relatively low-cost to get into. According to Richardson, “The only thing a beginner will need is a couple start-up discs.” If you don’t know where to start, Richardson recommends Lifesport and Don’s Hobby Shop. As your skills improve, you can experiment with new discs and techniques to wow your friends.

“There would be nothing [David] would be more proud of then to have his legacy on this park,” Richardson said. “[It’s a] little piece of heaven here on earth for others to enjoy!” 


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