Don’t let bad weather be an excuse to skip a workout or outdoors activity

By Aurora Anderson, June 22 2018 —

Kicking off the outdoor summer fun can be difficult when you live in Calgary. The city and surrounding area have a reputation of weather that can change at the drop of a pin. Wee see rain, sun, hail and even sometimes snow during our summer months but that doesn’t stop many Calgarians from getting out and enjoying the outdoors, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us. Here are a few tips to get your summer off the ground.

Prepare for the mountains:

We’re lucky to have the beautiful Rocky Mountains in our backyard. It’s key to remember that layers are your best friend when attempting to enjoy a Calgary summer. Whenever you go out, either wear or pack extra so you’re never caught off guard in a sudden summer storm. The weather can change drastically without notice while on the side of a mountain. Packing extra sweaters is key to a successful trip to the mountain peaks, regardless of the weather at the base of the summit.

Go fly a kite:

We can all remember the childhood thrills of flying a kite — watching it fly up through the clouds into what seemed like a never-ending sky. Calgary has some spots, such as Nose Hill Park, that are great for getting some sun on a windy day. Unlike other summer activities, flying a kite doesn’t have to be an all-day affair, so if you have a few spare hours and the wind isn’t calm enough for other sports, take some friends to the top of Nose Hill and see how long you can keep your kite flying — you may be surprised how challenging it is compared to those childhood memories.

Embrace the madness:

Keep an open mind to adverse weather conditions. If you don’t mind getting a little damp, taking a stroll during a rainstorm can be very therapeutic — plus, you can always bring with an umbrella if you don’t want to get too wet. Playing court- and racket-based sports, such as tennis or badminton, under less-than-ideal conditions is a chance to improve technique by focusing on footwork or tweaking ground strokes.

Stay indoors:

If you really don’t want to go outside during poor weather, Calgary has a plethora of indoor gyms and activity centres. Beyond your typical gyms, indoor trampoline centres offer a dynamic workout as well as unforgettable memories with your friends. If jumping isn’t really your thing, fear not — there are climbing centres throughout the city that offer a similarly dynamic and full-body workout.

Despite crazy weather year-round, there are plenty of opportunities to adopt an active lifestyle in Calgary. By embracing this, you can improve your mood even on days when the sun doesn’t shine.


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