Frosh 2016: A brief introduction

By Emilie Medland-Marchen and Rachel Woodward

Hello, andFROSH_Missing_RachelWelcome-1 welcome to campus! Let us be the first to say — congratulations on surviving high school! You did it! Welcome to the days of napping in public, crippling debt and the “Freshman 15” — it’s real.

University will be some of the best days of your life. You will be faced with stress you never thought you could handle, but somehow still survive. You will never feel as smart or as stupid aFROSH_Missing_EmilieWelcome-1s you will sitting in your first 8:00 a.m. lecture. You’ll also never drink as much coffee in your life. After four years, you’ll have a flimsy piece of paper to be proud of, and it will be the most expensive piece of paper you’ll ever own. But don’t let that scare you. We’re here for you. The Gauntlet believes in you. You’re gonna go far, kid.

Let Frosh 2016 be your guide to all the important things. We’ve made it this far, and we have some candid advice. Orientation Week is filled with a lot of fluff and pep, but we hope to provide some real-life tips and tricks that will make you feel a little less unprepared than you feel right now. All the things we’ve learned during our time at the U of C can be found within these sweet, sweet pages. You’re welcome.

In all seriousness, enjoy your first year. If we could do it again, we would cherish the drinking that turns into attending lecture still drunk and the introductory classes that don’t actually matter in four years. Figure out what is important to you, and do it.

And make sure you read the Gauntlet. We care. Good luck



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