Frosh 2016: Food on campus

The University of Calgary campus isn’t short on places to find something good for lunch. But you have to know where to look if you want something healthy and cheap or don’t want to wait in line for an hour. After years of perusing the options, the Gauntlet staff have become veritable campus connoisseurs. We picked our top food spots at the U of C to help you avoid any issues when looking for a good meal.

FROSH_Icons_subBake Chef

On a long day when I don’t have time to pack food, I usually head over to Bake Chef, where I can grab a beef satay sub for $7.50. Bake Chef’s Vietnamese subs are super tasty, reasonably priced, completely customizable and all-around better than what you’d get at the Subway downstairs. Also, they have delicious pastries and pizza buns. I’m salivating just writing this.
Jason Herring


Fuel for GoldFROSH_Icon_coffee

Fuel for Gold is one of the healthier vendors on campus. They serve Phil & Sebastian coffee which can be a great alternative to Tim Hortons or Starbucks. Their $6 breakfast — which includes eggs, turkey bacon, and hashbrowns — is great for a proper breakfast. While on the more expensive side, they provide plenty of options for healthy food on the go.
Tina Shaygan


FROSH_Icons_noodle bowlNoodle Grill Express

Any place where the small combo is the perfect size and the large combo is too big to finish in one sitting already has my vote. Noodle Grill Express might not rank high in Calgary amongst quality Vietnamese food, but it gets the job done between classes. Plus, if you order the combo B with grilled chicken, it’s actually pretty healthy.
Scott Strasser


Umi SushiFROSH_Icons_sushi

Umi Sushi is a great place to get a variety of tasty eats on campus. Located in the heart of MacHall, this treasure is a personal favourite of mine and never fails to bring joy to my heart. The most important feature of this food spot is the mini bento — chicken or beef on your choice of rice, yam fries and spicy mayo for a go-to lunch. Don’t forget the bubble tea.
Rachel Woodward


FROSH_Icons_ice creamDairy Queen

Located at the corner of MacHall, Dairy Queen usually has a short line, making it a great place to grab a quick meal between classes. If you’re someone who doesn’t eat much in one sitting, the Snack Melts are a perfect and cheap way to satisfy a small craving. A Blizzard is a classic way to treat yourself after a long day — and trust me, you’ll have a lot of those.
Derek Baker



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