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Frosh 2017: Frosh Food

La Taqueria

Though a bit on the pricier side, the Students’ Union-run La Taqueria offers quality meals. Their tacos — particularly the cod ones — are fresh and flavourful, and their loaded fries are a tasty treat that appear in my mid-class daydreams with an alarming frequency. Just steer clear of the Oreo Churro, a monstrosity that La Taqueria somehow has the gall to sell to students as a dessert.

Jason Herring

Brew and Blendz

Brew and Blendz in Kinesiology A and Scurfield Hall is the place to go to buy ethically sourced, delicious coffee at a fair price. They offer speciality espresso drinks and a variety of caffiene-free options if you just want something warm to sip on. Their smoothies are the perfect size (huge) and are packed with healthy fruits and veggies, and there’s also sweeter options if that’s what you’re after. Their breakfast bagels are hands-down the best on campus. The family-run business also boasts awesome customer service. It’ll caffeinate you, fill your belly and put a smile on your face.

Jesse Stilwell

Oriental Wok

On a tight budget for lunch? Then you can’t go wrong with Oriental Wok’s $3.10 meal — your choice of two of four different items for a cheap and filling combo. Oriental Wok offers traditional Chinese dishes, including chow mein noodles, fried rice, stir-fry vegetables and spring rolls. While some of these are a bit greasy, there are healthier vegetable- and rice-based options. Oriental Wok is a great inexpensive indulgence if you’re craving Chinese food — and their pork dumplings are to die for.

Nikayla Goddard

La Prep

La Prep offers quality whole food options beyond just salads — although their cranberry quinoa salad with chicken is amazing. Their sandwiches and wraps are loaded with healthy fats and protein and the lettuce is never soggy. The service is eloquent and efficient and they never charge you for a side of hot sauce. Their jumbo banana bread embellished with berries and chocolate chips will satisfy your sweet tooth and their soups can soothe a mid-semester cold. Despite being a healthier option on campus, their prices aren’t outlandish and their sandwich and salad combos are a good deal.

Christie Melhorn

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