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Photo by Louie Villanueva

Frosh 2017: Health services

By Nikayla Goddard

As a freshman entering university life, you’ll be tasked with creating the perfect balance between work and play. This may seem easy until you take into account attending class, taking notes, studying for and writing exams, completing lab reports, finishing assignments and writing essays and… whew.

You may feel stressed in your first year, but remember that your well-being comes first. The good news is there’s resources at the University of Calgary devoted to making sure that you are at your best.

The SU Wellness Centre is dedicated to supporting students. Located on the second floor of MacHall, the Wellness Centre offers regular health services like walk-in medical care, chiropractors, massage therapists, dietitians, vaccinations, STI and pregnancy screenings and more. On top of medical assistance, Varsity Pharmacy on the main floor of MacHall fills out your prescriptions. All of these services are at least partially covered by the Student Health and Dental Plan included in your student fees.

While requesting an STI test or talking to a medical professional about problems you’re experiencing may be uncomfortable, it’s their job to assist you in the most constructive way possible. Professionals are there to help and it’s your job to seek help from them when needed.

The Wellness Centre has significant mental health resources. As listed on their website, the top reasons students visit the Wellness Centre are relationship concerns, anxiety and stress, depression and grief, academic concerns and career concerns. The Wellness Centre offers workshops and seminars throughout the year to educate students on various mental health topics and to offer support. The best part about the U of C’s mental health services? They’re confidential and free. Every student is given 10 free counselling sessions per degree – use them.

Beyond the Wellness Centre’s office hours, Alberta Health Link at 811 is at your disposal 24/7, along with the Distress Centre at 403-266-HELP (4357).

While university life and all the pressures and challenges that come with it can be daunting, there are people here ready and willing to give you a helping hand. Adjusting to a new environment is difficult — take care of yourself.

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