Frosh 2017: Welcome from EIC

By Jason Herring —

Oh hey there! Welcome to the University of Calgary. Pg3_FROSH_JasonHerringWelcome_MariahWilson-3761

Starting university is overwhelming. In the first week, you’re hit by 300 clubs, a million free pairs of plastic sunglasses and the crushing existential weight of your academic future. It can be a lot to handle.

But rest assured, things have a wonderful way of sorting themselves out, especially if you let them. Be open to new things. For only a short period of your life, you get to be a young adult with little responsibility and a fair amount of free time. Take advantage of it.

Travel. Try new foods. Read lots of books. Fall in love — with people, with ideas and with moments you never want to end. Learn who you are and who you want to be. Sure, you’re in university to get a degree, but you’re also here to figure out who you are. Take every opportunity thrown at you to do that.

This magazine offers our humble advice along with a few tips and tricks we all wish we’d known in our first year. But the simplest advice I have to give is to find your people.

Your people might be the Students’ Union, the gardening club or that one professor who makes going to class worthwhile. They might be your astronomy study group, the friendly lady at Tim Hortons or your floormates in your residence building.

Your people are what make university worthwhile. They’re the ones who support and shape you. And at the end of the day, degrees be damned, they’re probably the best thing you’re going to take out of this place. Don’t stress — you’ll know them when you find them.  Maybe, like me, you find your people at the Gauntlet. And from my experience, when you find those people, it’s like you’re coming home.

Best of luck as you enter the U of C. And if you’re ever looking for something to do, come help us make a newspaper. I’m sure it’ll be swell.


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