Incorporate matcha in your everyday routine for these great health benefits

By Aurora Anderson, June 28 2018 — 

In the past few weeks, my social media feeds have been overflowing with fitness diets and workout routines that promise summer-ready six-packs and perfectly sculpted beach bodies.

While summer is a great time to embrace your body, it’s not just for the gym junkies and fitness pros. One component of these blog posts and videos that resonated with me was the matcha drinks.

Matcha is an alternative to coffee that promises an energy boost that will get you through the entire day — not just the morning. You can have it on its own or mix it into juice or a smoothie.

There are several benefits to drinking even just a single serving of matcha a day. Here’s a few perks I’ve noticed since starting to include matcha in my daily routine:

Your skin and body will thank you:

My overall skin complexion has improved. Matcha powder has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness and combat chronic skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. This can have effects on self-esteem and overall mood improvements. Matcha helps all skin types while diminishing signs of aging. A 2018 article from One Green Planet explains how the tannins in matcha shrink pores and help to reduce the production of oil associated with acne.

Boosts metabolism and detoxifies the body:

A 2013 article by Natural Living Ideas explains how matcha can increase metabolism functioning and help the body burn fat about four times faster than alternatives. It’s also free of unwanted side-effects that are common in alternative diet aides, like high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Matcha is capable of removing chemicals and other toxins from the body. I feel dramatically better when I include matcha in my daily routine. I also have more energy to complete my daily tasks without that mid-afternoon crash.

Enhances calm:

For centuries, matcha has been a central focus on Japanese tea ceremonies and has been associated with zen. It has calming properties despite containing caffeine. I found that swapping out that fourth or fifth cup of coffee for a glass of orange juice and matcha mid-day gave me the energy that I needed to get through the rest of my tasks without making me feel exhausted or run-down.

Easy to incorporate:

The best part about matcha is that it tastes amazing on its own and mixes easily with almost anything. Swap out protein shakes with some almond milk and matcha for your workouts or try incorporating it in your cooking routines. My go-to matcha treats are the easy-to-make matcha bark, made from dark chocolate, dried berries and an assortment of nuts, for an all-day pick-me-up.

Do your research before buying matcha to make sure you’re getting the purest forms. It might be a little more expensive but it’s definitely worth it to cut out the sugar and unwanted additives that less-expensive brands often use.  


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