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U of C Game Design Club launches new video game

“We try to be really open for everyone. That’s why we have the teaching meetings — we want people to be learning how to do new things. We just want members more than anything, people who are invested and interested are way more helpful than people who are not investing interest in even if they’re incredibly skillful.”

Bookstore hit in credit card skimming hack attack

“The online Bookstore was affected by a security incident involving a third-party vendor,” said director of ancillary services Shane Royal in a statement. “We are working to restore this service and the university will be taking steps to notify the individuals affected by this incident.”

RESET book sale aims to fundraise over 150k

By Gurman Sahota, May 7 2019 — The RESET society wrapped up its major fundraiser, an annual book sale in its 17th year. The sale ran from May 1 to May 5 with lineups of supporters wrapping around the building. The high turn-out made development manager Lisa Copeland hopeful of reaching a $150,000 fundraising target…

Tim Tamashiro aims to teach readers How to Ikigai

By Gurman Sahota, February 13 2019 — Since departing from CBC Radio as host of Tonic, Tim Tamashiro has continued to experiment creatively, from building homes in the Dominican Republic to taking a trip across the Northwest Passage in an ice breaker. Most recently, he wrote a book on the Japanese philosophy of ikigai. The…

Skin-care how-to’s for winter weather

By Gurman Sahota, February 8 2019 — Ladies, gents and non-binary folks alike know that Calgary weather is not kind to one’s skin. In order to make your life a little easier, here’s a guide for winterizing your skin care routine. Realistically, I do the following once a day, twice if I’m feeling fancy —…

New Music: Robyn

By Gurman Sahota, November 21, 2018 — Robyn’s new album, Honey — her first in eight years — has been hotly anticipated. Robyn reintroduces herself with “Missing U,” which feels like an homage to her song “Be Mine!” from her self-titled fourth album in its wealth of synths, although it fails to carry the same power…

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