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Quiz: What campus animal are you?

By Calum Robertson, September 22 2018 —

Where is your favourite spot on campus?

That really tall tree behind Craigie Hall.
The nice, sunny grass by the TFDL.
The many construction sites — full of shiny things!
Slightly above wherever the crowd is thickest.

You’re late for class! What do you do?

Panic. Loudly. Oh no, I’m late for a very important date!
Relax. I know all the secret shortcuts.
I’m probably too distracted to care…
Obnoxiously strut my way through the crowd. I’ve got places to be!

What’s your friend group like?

Fellow treasure seekers.
My family.
I’m more of a solitary soul.
Like-minded individuals who make me look good.

What is your greatest weakness?

Puh-lease. I’m perfect.
Those lovely shinies.
I’m a little paranoid of others not like me.
I’m a tad bit too hyper for most.

How about your greatest strength?

My personality. I’m very approachable.
There’s nothing I can’t climb!
I’m always quick to act.
My delightfully inquisitive nature.

What quality do you value most in others?

Focus — wait, what’s that over there?
Ability to scamper. Seriously, it matters.
Vanity! Er, I mean, “self-confidence.”
A quiet, calm demeanour.

Finally, what is your choice for fine dining on campus?

Unattended Timbits. Duh.
The fine greenery found all around!
Post-Thursden vomit. A little bit of everything in that!
Those delectable pine cones outside Social Sciences.

What Campus Animal Are You?

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