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Quiz: What MacHall food item represents your personality?

By Frankie Hart, September 16 2018 —

Where do you like to grab a bite on campus?

How bold of you to assume I have time to eat
Wherever they serve alcohol
I’ve found a nice quiet place that I refuse to reveal the location of
Wherever my friends are
MacHall tables

Your friend is looking for you! Where’s the first place they’d check?

Hangin’ out in a residence building
Why are they looking for me when they know I’m at home?
The arts parkade
The sixth floor of TFDL
Around MacHall
They’re gonna have to text me to find me

What movie are you watching on Netflix?

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
Gone Girl
Got no time to be watching movies!
The Kissing Booth
Lady Bird

What’s your biggest professor pet peeve?

No sense of humour
Getting snappy with me
Giving me bad grades
Strict guidelines
Mandatory attendance

What’s the number-one quality you look for in a friend?

Free on weekends
High-quality memes
They “get” me
Easy going

Where are you going to be this weekend?

A small coffee shop
On a Tinder date
With friends
You tell me!

What MacHall food item do you think you are?

A Vietnamese sub
An iced capp
A Mama Burger™
A Blizzard™
A triple vodka slime

What MacHall food item represents your personality?

You Got:


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