SU View: Upcoming SU By-Elections

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The leaves changing from a fresh, bright green to a crunchier yellow represents different things to different people. As the Students' Union's Chief Retuning Officer, the change of seasons serves as a reminder of the upcoming by-election to fill vacant student government position throughout the Students' Union.

This year's by-election promises to be exciting as a Vice-President position is up for grabs due to Eric Jablonski's resignation from the VP Events portfolio near the end of the summer. In addition to the VP position, there are also six Faculty Representative positions available: Engineering, Fine Arts, Humanities, Law, Medicine, and Social Work. Finally, one Events Commissioner position is also open for nomination.

If you are interested in running for one of these positions, pick up a candidate nomination package from the SU Office front desk during regular business hours. Fill it out and collect the requisite signatures, and return the package during Nomination Days, October 1-3 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon (and Oct. 4 if necessary).

If the administration of democracy is more appealing to you than running as a candidate, the Chief Returning Officer's office is hiring Deputy Returning Officers to help with the election. DROs are paid $10 per hour and, class schedule permitting, required to work shifts during the by-election which takes place October 16-18, 2007. DROs must also attend two (2) paid training meetings in the weeks preceding the by-election. Pick up a DRO application from the SU Office, fill it out, and help us maintain the integrity of the upcoming by-election.

Nomination Days are Oct. 1-3 (Oct. 4 if necessary).

The 2007 University of Calgary Students' Union By-Election runs October 16-18.

For more information contact Gregory Pastirik at cro@su.ucalgary.ca.

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