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Written by Jean Marc Dalpe, translation by Maureen Labonte

"It tells a very tightly-woven story that takes place in the front yard of a house in Quebec on a hot August day. It takes place in real-time, so the characters come in and everything happens in real-time. It's the story of a family brought together and the sort of tensions that bubble up when you bring a family together under all the niceties of a family reunion."

Runs Fri., Feb. 15 until Sat., Mar. 8 at Martha Cohen Theatre.


Written by Janet Munsil

"It's a play that takes place in two time periods in two different locations and weaves [them] together. That's a very interesting story about how our brains work in romantic connections. It actually is inspired by a true story, that we found very fascinating, of a man named Phineas Gage who, back in the 1840s, had a rather fantastic accident happen to him. A rod went through his head and he lost part of his brain and it radically changed his personality."

Runs Sat., Feb. 16 until Sat., Mar. 8 at Martha Cohen Theatre.


Written by Sean Dixon

"It tells the unique journey of a dead man and the overcoat that he's wearing. The coat is played by a person and they basically fly across the world searching for her original owner and learn a bit about what it is to be human--the great irony being of course that we're experiencing this very human journey through the exploits of a dead body and an inanimate object that are played by people."

Runs Thu., Feb. 14 until Sun., Mar. 9 at Martha Cohen Theatre.


Written by Maiko Bae Yamamoto

"They've got a very playful, very physical and very visual way of telling a story. A lot of the story is told through movement, through a bit of music, through text, through some traditional storytelling methods, but weaved in two different ways of communicating with the audience. It's got a very playful relationship with the audience, as well. It's inspired by a true story from Maiko's past and is performed by her and her father, who inspired the story."

Runs Thu., Feb. 14 to Sat., Feb. 23 at Big Secret Theatre.


Written by Daniela Vlaskalic, Beth Graham and Charlie Tomlinson

"There's three writers, one of whom is performing in the show [Graham] and one of whom is directing [Tomlinson], and they've been collaborating on this for quite a while and working with designers and the actors that are going to be performing it to create a very unique experience. It's also based on a true story. It's about a man at the turn of the century in England who has married a bunch of women and they mysteriously drowned in their bath shortly after marrying him."

Runs Sat., Mar. 1 until Sun., Mar. 9 at Big Secret Theatre.