Letter: Study Abroad

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Editor, the Gauntlet

Here are three questions for U of C students: 1. Was your summer boring? 2. Did you hang out with the same old buds? 3. Do you feel as though you did nothing?

Make sure it doesn't happen to you again. I had a great time abroad while completing a half-course. I met a lot of interesting new people, we worked extremely hard and I learned an incredible amount about an area of the world I didn't know! Like other U of C students, I applied on-campus for an International Studentship to support my summer study in Central America. This involved writing one letter and proving that I intended to take a course. It worked out to the equivalent of $350 per hour. Do you earn that? Don't let the summer bores get you again next year. Plan to take a course outside of Canada and apply for an International Studentship through intlstdt@ucalgary.ca.