Letter: Prohibition bites

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

The main reason marijuana is still illegal is because the police want it that way ["Marijuana legalization at the public library," ├ćndrew Rininsland, March 5]. Marijuana prohibition offers police all the leverage they need to harass the young, the poor, people of colour and people with non-regulation haircuts.

They worry that ending prohibition would reduce crime and therefore reduce their powers and budgets. Marijuana prohibition is as much a cash cow for police as it is for gangsters and they will not let it go without a fight. Which raises some questions, like, "Why are we still listening to cops when the War On Plants has been such a dismal failure?" and, "If prohibition is such a great policy, why can't the police show any evidence to support that?"





I understand that this gentleman has pain issues and marijuana helps. I support the legalization of marijuana as I see it no more harmful then alcohol. Both will shorten your life and that is your choice to make. However, one of the effects of marijuana use is paranoia and from this letter all the signs are there. The police I have spoke with would have no problem with legalization of marijuana. There are other things the police would like to spend their time on.

I also believe that the tax revenue gained from legal marijuana would help reduce the tax load on the rest of us. Instead of pot smokers costing the tax payers money in the form of increased health care and law enforcement costs they would start helping by contributing to the country financially and also be able to smoke pot without fear of arrest.

I would like to see more research into the medical use of marijuana. There has been no extensive studies on dosage and what illnesses can benefit from it. The biggest problem we face is that every pot smoker, like my step-son, feels they are an expert in it\'s use and take every opportunity to spout information that is no more then hear-say.

Finally, my generation grew up in the 60\'s and knows all too well that we must stand up for our rights. So keep up the fight and research your facts.