2001 Students' Union reviews

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It is the job of politicians to run the show. By casting our ballots, we give them our approval, our confidence and control over aspects of our lives. Therefore we also have expectations of them. We expect them to keep their promises, we expect them to represent our interests, we expect them to fulfil their duties and above all else we expect effort and honesty.

It is the job of journalists to keep an eye on the world--politicians included. We too are representatives of the people and need to earn and retain their respect. It is also our job to hold politicians to their promises, ensuring they are responsible to the electorate.

While news stories and opinion pieces are a week-to-week means of doing this, not everyone has the opportunity to keep up. That's why we at the Gauntlet gave your Students' Union executives some feedback after their first seven months in office.

So to readers and the execs alike, take the following criticism and praise as the result of a week-long process of interviews, arguments and performance reviews. We've debated each of you thoroughly, so before you come to us with your concerns, we charge you to do the same.

Lawrence Bailey

The Committee
Committee Head: Lawrence Bailey

Committee Members: James Keller * Nicole Kobie * Ryan Laverty * Michael Leung * Вen Li