Events Commission

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This year, seven candidates are running for the position of Events Commissioner. Unfortunately, only four lucky contestants will win the coveted prize behind door number two. The prize in this case, however, demands fulfilling many responsibilities in return.

The job of an Events Commissioner basically entails assisting the Students' Union Vice-president Events on various activities and events, taking on their own projects and generally making sure events run smoothly.

All of the candidates involved bring their own different ideas and experience to the race.

Commission candidate Alixandra D'archangelo brings years of student union experience with her, as she has been in school students' unions from grades five to 12.

"I have the funkiest dress code, enjoy the cheesiest drinks, know who Ron Jeremy is and am waiting for the best social occasion to bust out the worm," said D'archangelo of her qualifications.

However, there are still a number of changes that many of the candidates would make.

"I would like to mix the events up more, add a lot more variety to the events," said Tony Cade. "Maybe mix in some comedians or other types of performers to appeal to every student with at least one event."

Harvey Cohen, who is seeking re-election, said he would like to expand on some of the quality events that have been initiated this year.

"Events that are free for students [like the Hasta La Vista Party, where a trip to Mexico will be given away-all for free, and the development of local talent in our community [should be continued]," said Cohen.

Kent Hawkins, who is a member of the University Chorus, feels that more focus should be paid to on-campus groups.

"There are numerous groups right on campus that we can have perform at events that would be less expensive than bringing in talent from anywhere else," said Hawkins, citing examples like the Concert Choir, Main Stage Productions and the Red Band.

Fellow candidate Stephen Hitchner expressed concern over the lingering problems of MacEwan Hall expansion delays.

"Mac Hall needs to be expanded, or some place has to be built to accommodate larger venues," said Hitchner. "Also, I think the prices of events need to be decreased, so students can afford to go."

Oliver Ho emphasized the fact that his job would be to represent students.

"I've heard friends saying, 'that was a bad show,' or 'how come we can't get this local band,'" said Ho. "Students need a voice to do these things."

Initiating more student participation was also a priority for many of the candidates.

"I am running for the [Events Commission] position so that I
may spread my enthusiasm for events to all of the students in the university," said Evan Truman. "As I grow with the position, so will the events."

Hopefully, those who are elected to the Events Commission will
supply students with with yet another fun-filled, action-packed year.