Words for Warmth

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'Tis the season, or so they say. As the holidays come and go, people are more taken to generosity as their thoughts drift to those less fortunate. However, good intentions alone rarely make a difference.

"The idea was always there, it's all just a matter of getting up and doing it," explains Jordan Dack, also known as Concept from local hip hop crew Internal Affairs, of Words for Warmth, the crew's book of poetry for Calgary's homeless. "If there's no action, talk is cheap."

Words for Warmth is Dack's brainchild, supported by fellow Internal Affairs members and various local poets and hip hop artists. It is a book of poetry about homelessness and will be freely distributed to people at the Calgary Drop-in Centre. There will also be a hip hop show, put together by Internal Affairs, at the Gateway on SAIT campus Thu., Dec. 18.

"It's doing what you can," Dack notes humbly. "I'm a writer, so I write--hence the book. I'm also a musician, so the show made sense."

This type of hands-on involvement comes naturally to the members of Internal Affairs.

"It's about reaching out to the community and giving something back," explains Decline, a fellow crew member.

"It's just a natural thing for us," adds Dack. "No matter what position we find ourselves in, we'll ask what we can do for others."