Commissioner remuneration

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During the Students' Legislative Council meeting on Tue., July 23, Academic Commissioner Gavin Preston brought forward the issue of commissioner remuneration.

Currently, vice-presidents and the president discuss the pay in a confidential process. According to su President Matt Stambaugh, they try to ensure equitable remuneration.

"I think the system is fair, but there is always room for improvement," said Stambaugh, who was a commissioner for two years before becoming president.

He claims to have had a good relationship with his vp but that is not universal. Some commissioners want the process to change, as they feel the honouraria amount reflects the relationship between vps and commissioners.

"The whole process should be taken out of VPs' hands," said SU Vice-President Nick Vuckovic.

Recently, Vuckovic was accused of overpaying his commissioners on one occasion. The amount was not substantially more than what other vps paid their commissioners and Vuckovic feels that the payment was fair for the work involved.

Discussion now focuses on differentiation in the honouraria paid to commissioners and faculty representatives, misreporting hours by individuals, changing the criteria to include a minimum sum, and removing vps from the remuneration process.

"The most the commissioners can get is $300," said Vuckovic. "But you have to put in a tremendous amount of work to get this amount."

It is difficult to reach this amount during the summer, as most of the work in not available until the fall.

To qualify for honouraria, VPs assess commissioners on based five criteria: Base Remuneration; General Involvement and Participation; Commission Involvement and Participation; Committee Involvement and Participation; and Project Progress and Completion.

"At the end of each month, commissioners submit the work they have done," said Stambaugh. "Based upon this template, VPs decide how much commissioners get paid."

The Student Legislative Council decides the total amount allocated for the honouraria. If changes were to occur to this process this year, they would not come into effect until next year.

Vuckovic felt one thing has been left out of this issue.

"It's a voluntary position, and not something to make a wage to live off of," said Vuckovic. Honourariums are simply bonuses to the job.





good to see Council debating the issues students are really concerned about