EULE syllabus update

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Over a year ago, the three-year curriculum redesign process ended for the Enhancing the Undergraduate Learner's Experience program. All 83 programs went through the same process to include standard features. When the process was completed last year, explicit syllabi emerged, giving detailed outlines of each degree program. Now these are available on-line to both current and prospective students.

"We saw an issue with prospective students and first year students who are still deciding what they want to study," said EULE Communications Coordinator Jennifer Myers. "We decided to take those documents and condense them into two to three pages, a summary of the explicit syllabi."

Myers hopes that simplified terminology and reduced length make the syllabi easier to of the program, including a detailed description, and identify why someone would want to study the program and what is has to offer. Italso has a list of advisors for each degree, as well as a list of four to five related degrees.

"One other thing we decided to add to the summary is a testimonial of an alumni, who graduated from a particular program," said Myers.

The alumni discuss their experiences from their degree program, and any international.

"Another reason we wanted to produce the syllabus was that direct entry happened about the same time the curriculum redesign process was getting complete. So it seemed very applicable with direct entry," said Myers.

Currently, the syllabus is only available on the web, with only half of the programs up and the rest to follow later this fall.

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