Queens of the Stone Age, Songs for the Deaf


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The Queens of the Stone Age are back with one of the most solid rock records to come out in the past decade. Songs for the Deaf is a soaring ride of ballsy riffs and poignant vocals that definitely bear the roots of this bands Kyuss upbringing. Dave Grohl's contribution can be heard both in the drum beats that could easily set your heart to another beat, as well as in the more accessible nature of the heavy hitting tunes on the disc. If there was ever a band who studied the intricate details of how to construct a good song in the fashion of the Stones or Zeppelin, the Queens have done more than their share of homework.

Maybe rock isn't so dead after all...





When I heard the first release from this album, I thought I was in for another overplayed, CJAY style song that would never go away (like much of Our Lady Peace's crap right now). For some reason or another, though, the song acts like most other good rock songs, and becomes infectious. In other words, it grows on you. I have never heard the whole CD but I suppose, from the sounds of the review, the rest of the album is the same.

A small aside, though, Dave Grohl's main contribution to this band is not his excellent drum playing. Rather, his main addition to this band is his market attraction. The placing of Dave in the this band gives it more credibility in the music business. Otherwise, we wouldn't hear nearly as much about Queens of the Stone Age.

It is a good album, and I've heard the whole thing through. Twelve times. In one day.

Who needs CJAY overplaying things when you've got Myke Atkinson?

I hope it's good. I heard the hamster dance song twelve times in a row and I just about pulled my hair out. Who's idea was that again?

I don't know who started the whole thing, but last year they used "Mmm Bop" (sp?).

I had to work "mmmBop" last year. It was brutal. The problem is, it works for fund raising and bringing in money. There has to be a better way, though.

What they should have done is had SLC out in Mac Hall for three days straight. That would have really brought in the money.

To be honest, I think it's a great fundraising method, and I'm sure she (and the SU, ect) will raise lots of money... but I agree, it is damned annoying.