Campus Quips tactless

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: Campus Quips, Mar. 4, 2004,

In my three years of reading the Gauntlet, this was quite possibly the most tasteless thing I have ever seen printed in it.

According to the Center for Disease Control, about two in 1,000 college students are infected with HIV. Wouldn't that make them feel great if Mr. Cho happened to ask one of them? STDs can be physically and emotionally painful health conditions which are a reality for many university students, and, in my opinion, were not treated appropriately with this week's question.

I'm not saying anyone's feelings are the responsibility of the Gauntlet or any of it's writers, but please, in the future, have some tact.





Hear hear! The "get me drunk and see what happens" was one thing, but this was one of their own writers. Whatever.

Ahh yes, citing statistics from another country, from an agency that doesn't exist as cited, makes a good argument against whatever content you disapprove of.

Although a report from the U of A suggests that 1 in 4 students there has an STD of some kind.

I heard from someone that Banff is the STD capital of North America. Has anyone else heard this?

Wow, Anon #1 is so busy looking for one 's'. Pedantic in the extreme.

Sadly, the poster doesn't actually refute the letter. Better luck next time, Anon.