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Senate, BoG rep position results decisive

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Olivers Bladek and Ho dominated the Senate race, defeating perennial candidate Matt Dalidowicz and neither is taking the victory lightly.

"I will be taking proactive action to meet each of the other senators on a personal basis before the first meeting," said Ho. "[Oliver and I] will prepare for the first senate meeting by meeting personally with each of the other senators and talking with our Students' Union colleagues to bring the student perspective to the first senate meeting."

Bladek, who was in Ottawa during the voting, was tempered in his response.

"I'm happy to represent students to the Senate for the upcoming year," said Bladek. "I'm happy to see that voting is now online and it's the reason why the election received about 5,000 votes with so many acclamations."

Defeated Senate candidate Matt Dalidowicz was happy about the race.

"I was up against two very competent individuals, and I thought I gave them a competitive race," he said. "There were a lot of people that believed I could do the job and I appreciate them for having enough confidence in me."

Board of Governors Rep-
resentative-elect Nic Porco was in Ottawa during the election and unavailable for comment.

Unsuccessful BoG rep candidate Bryndis Whitson was conciliatory about her defeat.

"It was hard to compete with Nic's name recognition," said Whitson. "I closed the gap in comparison to last year, that is all I can ask for. I think I've run against Nic Porco enough for one lifetime."

Whitson noted that while Monday allowed more students to vote, she believed the voter turnout remained low. She attributes the low turnout to acclamations and defective online voting on Wednesday.