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Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Choice vs. Life," Mar. 24, 2005,

In the last edition of the Gauntlet, U of C Vice-President Roman Cooney claimed that "no students were banned" from university grounds during last week's Campus Pro-Life event.

For those who are interested, here's what really happened: Campus Security followed our postering group, tearing down all of the posters that we had put up. After about half an hour of postering, a group of six security guards caught up to our group and demanded to see our student (or otherwise) IDs. They told us we were not allowed to put up posters without permission from the Students' Union. Obviously this is not normally required, and although the university had rejected CPL's request to bring large posters on campus, they had in fact explicitly said 8.5 x 11S were okay. After recording student ID numbers, all students in our group were told they were banned from being on campus until their next class.

I immediately went to see Lanny Fritz, head of [Campus] Security, and requested a written statement justifying our removal. Myself and another group member were escorted by a security officer to our vehicle. We also asked him for the reason for our removal from campus and he stated that we were in violation of the Trespassing Act. Three security officers waited nearby until we left and security kept a close eye on us from their Dino-Durangos for the rest of the day. On one drive by of our group on 24 Ave., one of the security officers also chose to honk in favour of the opposing "choice" demonstrators, nicely demonstrating the kind of "fair, unbiased" treatment CPL received from the university that day.

So, in light of what actually happened and Cooney's inaccurate comments it seems to me that one of the following is in order: a clarification from Cooney that the Gauntlet misunderstood him; an apology from Cooney for trying to mislead Gauntlet readers about what really happened; or an apology fro Campus Security for misleading Cooney (and a suggestion Cooney check both sides of a story before making such statements in the future).

As for the comment from SU President Bryan West that CPL was not denied space for our signs, the SU Executive Cabinet denied our proposal due to its "graphic and potentially offensive" nature. The proposed space was only granted from the SU once university administration was brought in for an appeal.





While I greatly dislike CPL, I will agree that this shows a lack of accountability on the part of campus security. They can do whatever they want and never have to explain themselves.

While we are on opposite sides of this debate, I am saddened that campus security treated CPL this way.

BTW, I tore down some of your posters. They were offensive.

Okay...get this, I am pro-life all the way. Here's another bit of info you might find interesting...I too find your posters disgusting and vile. This is a choice that people must make for themselves, I see absolutely no reason for pro-life supporters to walk around and put up posters that literally make me want to VOMIT. PLEASE stop trying to force your ideals down other peoples' throats.

Security never claimed you weren't ejected. Security claimed you weren't banned, which is true.

One could argue that the explicit goal of the abortion=genocide angle is to enrage random passersby, and thus shift the debate away from the actual issue towards that of "free speach" and "censorship". Your group certain is prepared for confrontation, with videocameras and campus security / police phone numbers probably already punched into your little trolls' cellphones. As the police report on my (now-discarded-from-court) file from my tearing of your signs says, 'Patrick was recording the event in case "something" happened' (quotes added exactly like that by the police officer, a touch I found amusing). You can expect me at your next event, helping you protect your signs from random passersby (I will do everything I can to convince people not to tear your signs now that I've read up on you ( or your american counterparts, www.abortionno.org ) and recognize your M.O.).

The genocide/abortion angle is too ridiculous to debate. At worst abortion is negligent manslaughter. Nobody hates fetuses, some just don't mind sucking them out when the condom breaks and the penis sneezes its pesky white milk all over the place.