Creating responsible ads (long version)

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Below is the original letter as submitted.

From: "jfry craig (toque)" 
To: "'The Gauntlet'" 
Subject: RE: Gauntlet Letter
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 12:00:38 -0600
Organization: toqueboy studios

Victor & Lawrence

Attached is a short version of the letter 530 words, and the long
version of the letter ~1200 words. I will allow the short version to be
published if it's explicitly mentioned that a longer version of the
letter is available on the gauntlet website, and the letter is easily
accessed on their site.  It cannot be displayed among the 'commentary'
below the current 'apology' editorial online.

Please forward this to the gauntlet once you approve it.

thanks for your time,
jfry craig || director || toqueboy studios
805a 17ave SW, Calgary, AB. T2T 0A1
vox: 403.802.2363 || fax: 403.541.1151
www: toqueboy.com






The Gauntlet does NOT "use of a 'Sex Issue' every year to attract new readers" [sic].