Elliott BROOD

Days into Years

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Alright, I admit that I was an Elliott BROOD fan prior to listening to Days into Years, the band’s third full-length album. However, I am much more than just a fan after listening to the new album — now I am a zealot.

The opening track, “Lindsay,” is a stunning example of death-country, along with “Lines” and “If I Get Old.” Ambient sound is prevalent throughout the album, but it doesn’t feel forced — there is a certain flow with the music that just feels right. Sonically, the sound is crisp almost throughout the entire album. Lyrically, the album stands above almost any other album I’ve heard this year. The words to “Northern Air” in particular made me feel like I was taking an adventure through the Canadian back country.

Now, the album isn’t perfect, as the track “West End Sky” is very low in sound fidelity. Most of the time I’d be okay with this, but the type of sound just doesn’t fit with the album. The panning of the instrumentation can sometimes be frustrating, and I think “Hold You” hangs around a verse too long.

Overall, I am very pleased with Days into Years, and I feel as though it’s a great addition to any alt-country fan’s music collection.