Flanagan calls for assassination of Assange

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University of Calgary political science professor Tom Flanagan upset many when he called for the assassination of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during CBC's Power & Politics on Nov. 30

"Well, I think Assange should be assassinated actually," Flanagan said to CBC host Evan Solomon. "I think Obama should put out a contract and maybe use a drone, or something."

A Facebook group calling for the U of C to distance itself from the remarks had reached 119 supporters as of print time.

U of C spokesperson Grady Semmens said the views expressed by Flanagan were his own and not representative of the views of the school.

"Professors are generally entitled to express their opinions like anyone else under Canadian law," said Semmens. "When it comes to the university itself, behaviors that can be deemed harmful to the reputation of the university can be grounds for disciplinary action but in this case there has no decision that has been made either way."

Semmens said faculty of arts dean Kevin McQuillan is responsible for assigning someone to look into the matter, if action is deemed necessary.

Flanagan has since apologized.

"I regret that I made a glib comment about a serious issue," Flanagan told CBC news.

Community members looking to comment on Flanagan's remarks are encouraged to send messages to the U of C general communications e-mail address at said Semmens.

Flanagan was unavailable for comment.




It is the government\'s duty to prosecute this bas**** under hate crime laws. You\'d expect such profanity from the mouth of a Dr Josef Göbbels, not a Canadian and even less, a Professor in a University. It\'s high time to oust those fascists out of power.

Why did this make headlines? By that I mean, who still cares what this neoconservative wingnut has to say?

I sure hope I don\'t get sued by the school for this comment...

Chris, have you watched the video clip? Have you ever met Dr. Flanagan? Are your aware of how fantastic a professor he is? Or are you basing your judgment of him solely on an incorrectly reported news article?

The knee-jerk reaction of this country to this story is really quite appalling, and the sensationalizing of this non-issue by the media even more so.

Two things:

1) Dr. Flanagan DID NOT advocate for the murder of Assange - he made an unwise joke. If you want to debate whether or not he should have made such a joke, that\'s different.

2) I\'m a hardcore socialist, but despite whatever misgivings I may have about Dr. Flanagan\'s political ideology I am willing to forgo judging him before considering the whole story

It doesn\'t matter how good a professor \"Dr.\" Flanagan is, he committed a crime on national television. He\'s disgraced our country and this university. The last person to do what he did was Ayatollah Khomeini. He should be dismissed posthaste.


Exactly what crime did Dr. Flanagan commit? (I\'m not sure why you\'re placing the Dr. in quotations... he does have a PhD.)

I mean if we want to start talking about who committed any crimes, then surely we have to consider the fact that Assange is wanted for rape. Which is an actual crime. Not some made-up crime about how you can\'t make jokes about assassinations.

Defending Dr. Flanagan by saying his call for assassination is merely a joke is not valid. At the end of the CBC interview, you can see just how serious he was.

I can\'t even imagine what would happen to a student if he or she \'joked\' about assassinating a professor at the U of C. If the Pridgen case is to serve any example at all, it is that if a student \'joked\' about assassinating someone, the U of C would pounce on him/her, and be relentless in doing so. The U of C should adopt some double standards.

It\'s a criminal offense in Canada to counsel or instigate a criminal offense, even if nobody committs that crime.

Additionally for comment #6 - Julian Assange didn\'t commit any rape; read before you type.

Interpol want to bring him in to discuss the charge of \"Consensual Sex without a condom\"....hardly rape.

If you wish, you may join some of your fellow alumni in signing this as an open letter to University of Calgary President Dr. Elizabeth Cannon regarding Dr. Tom Flanagan’s remarks

Julian Assange has wrapped himself in the pious, self righteous cloak of defender of all things relevant to the pursuit and promotion of clarity with respect to international governance and government. Mr. Assange has done this out of his overwhelming sense of self importance and the subsequent role he feels he plays on the world stage.

Through his own criminality, arrogance and contempt for the safety of all those who are touched by his negligence and lethal zeal he has placed many of the same in grave danger. It may well be argued and, as a reflection of reality, is fact, that Julian Assange has been the sole contributor to the revelation of the identity of many informers against muslim extremism to members of Al Qeada and other muslim extremist groups who have in turn exacted their revenge through the execution of these same informers. Julian Assange\'s hands are dripping with the blood of those who are in close proximity to his little ego-trip and the fallout from his self appointment to the lofty positions of judge, jury and executioner in his war against secrecy and confidentiality (regardless of the urgent and justifiable need for the same in order to protect the peoples of nations who are fundamentally opposed to terrorism and islam and all they stand for including the butchery of innocent men, women and children))

Julian Assange has, through his little program of, as he himself labels it, \"Internet Anarchy\", done more to further the breakout of war against Iran and the further exacerbation of an already difficult situation in the Middle East than any politician, political party or military leader in the last 20 years. The actions of Julian Assange and his staff and supporters of Wikileaks has placed the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in grave danger, and Julian Assange\'s only response is one of arrogant, hypocritical, sanctimonious and contemptuous disregard for the same.

Assange, a former child criminal, a precocious seeker of attention, now wanted on a global warrant for rape and sexual molestation, enjoyed hacking into the databases and operating systems of his victims for amusement. Assange has now taken his little game onto the world stage and in so doing poses a lethal threat to hundreds of thousands, not to mention threatening the national security of Canada, the United States, Britain and many European countries.

Remarkably, Assange, in his pursuit for the “truth” has seen fit through Wikileaks to repeatedly engage in a little self serving editing of the material he releases. (Laughably, the same editing he condemns governments and corporations for doing) A perfect example is the video he released called “Collateral Murder”. This little gem, shown around the world, purposely ignored the men with the Reuters reporters (reporters who were dressed in the same clothing as the insurgents) who were carrying RPG’S and AK’s. Even when his little edited creation was shown at the TED talks the portion of the video showing the armed men was edited out.

Video found here:

and here

and here

Professor Tom Flanagan of the University of Calgary, while in an interview on CBC, merely gave clarity and unmistakable resonance in addressing the issue of what is to be done with the sociopathic, ego maniacal Julian Assange. Professor Flanagan was asked what should be done with Julian Assange and Professor Flanagan responded by saying that Julian Assange should be assassinated.

Subsequent to that there has been uproar and Flanagan has retracted his statement. Now we see the likes of such community college (a veritable hotbed of discontent where offence and some sort of \"ism\" is found in everything from breakfast cereal to long distance calling plans) litigation luminaries like Ms. Davidson rearing up on her hind legs with crocodile indignation calling for the prosecution of Mr. Flanagan for \"incitement\".

How utterly bloody predictable that the left wing, the self appointed conscience of the Canadian public, in an act of comedic hypocrisy, takes exception to a comment by Mr. Flanagan yet leaves the criminality of Assange untouched. Where are Ms. Davidson\'s shrieks of self righteous indignation and calls for the prosecution of Assange for incitement to commit espionage, criminal negligence causing death, criminal negligence, mass murder and manslaughter (all of which are the direct result of the theft and release of secret and confidential files) Ms. Davidson\'s silence on that issue is deafening.

As a footnote, I find it remarkable that Assange, now righteously indignant that his death has been called for, falls back on the Canadian criminal code to silence opposition to his little program of murderous anarchy. How utterly predictable that a man who has toyed with the lives of millions for his own personal amusement now shrilly calls for the protections afforded by the democratic processes of the very nations and governments he has unceasingly assaulted and subverted.

In closing, Professor Tom Flanagan is correct, the governments of Western Nations should locate the whereabouts of Julian Assange, his assistants, staff and those who have provided Assange with administrative, logistical, operational and financial support and should, using the mechanisms and resources of their own intelligence and military infrastructures, with a sense of extreme prejudice, unmistakable permanence and finality render the same completely unable to continue their murderous crusade.

Let the silence that follows the neutralization of Julian Assange, his staff and his co-conspirators speak volumes to the enlightened socialist academia, liberal intelligencia and those sneering, malicious self appointed bringers of \"clarity and truth” remaining who toy with the idea of dabbling in what is nothing more than a treasonous, seditious exercise in self gratification wrapped in the robes of the self righteous.

Most Sincerely,

Don Laird

A lawyer files a complaint against Flanagan (rightly so), yet the U of C does nothing.

Tom Flanagan has landed his name on a list of heavyweights. Consequentially, the U of C\'s name has found itself on that list as well.

Lol Laird, exaggerate much?

Flanagan shouldn\'t be charged with anything. He\'s become a caricature now and is completely irrelevant. I once laughed at the comparison of Flanagan to Karl Rove, as if it was insulting Flanagan - now I feel bad for Karl Rove. Did I just say that? Hahaha.

Calgary Police deliberating whether to press charges against Flanagan:

The following dozen threats against the lives of specific individuals, made in Canada, are easily found on Google. Where is the outrage, the cries for police investigations, and the indignation?

In two cases, elected public officials have called for murder, but have received no punishment of consequence nor been investigation criminally. Canadians appear to be OK with this. The continuing demands for criminal prosecution of Dr. Flanagan reflects a clear double standard on the part of generally ineffective activists and are nothing short of a poor attempt at political assassination.

Here is some radical transparency in local, provincial, and national contexts. Let\'s see anyone take action to hold police and government to account.

They were found on google you say? Do you mean broadcast nationally on television by a faculty member re: a current world-wide event? Oh no no, some stupid kid on \'necro hip-hop\' is clearly equivalent.

Nice comparison lol u mad.

CBC is a national broadcaster. Try not to ignore inconvenient truths.

If the crime is based only in calling for someone\'s death, then it shouldn\'t matter if the person demanding death is a \"stupid kid\" or anyone else. Marginalizing a Canadian shows this is a political prosecution, rather than one founded on justice.

But I wouldn\'t expect transparency advocates to practice what they demand of others.


The first two appear to be links to an elected provincial premier and an elected member of a provincial legislative assembly commenting on national TV. One of them retired last week as the most popular premier in Canadian history. If anything, those two people should be explicitly more accountable to the public than any university professor.

Why the outrage at one public figure using a rhetorical device, but not two others doing the same, unless the goal is only to disparage those with dissenting opinions?

This whole incitement of violence thing is being horribly misused. How logical is it to go after an intellectual who made a joke about killing a person he has never met and has no power to harm, later retracting his comments? The whole point of banning the incitement of violence is to prevent me from standing in front of an angry mob and demanding they chase after my enemies with pitchforks. You know, actual incitement of violence.

What has the media done? We went from debating what was in the leaked documents to debating the merits of WikiLeaks to debating the credibility of Assange personally to debating a Canadian Professor\'s joke about Assange. Why do you people buy into this?

We pro-WikiLeaks, pro-transparency people are supposed to be in favour of free speech, no? Why are we debating this at all? Let Flanagan say what he wants and we can just ignore him like we\'ve been doing up until now. Who the hell cares what some neo-con hack has to say?

This is the last thing I\'m saying about this. The fact that this article has generated more comments than all of the comments on all of the articles of the past 5 issues combined is ridiculous. Give it a rest and talk about something useful.

-Signed, Pro-WikiLeaks Marxist

\"Who the hell cares what some neo-con hack has to say?\"

People, students especially, care what this \"neo-con hack\" has to say because they are investing a significant amount of time and money into a \'quality\' education. Unfortunately, even if they don\'t take a class with Flanagan, a portion of their tuition will be going to him. His murderous mind should not be teaching the young fledglings of tomorrow.

We can debate free speech all you like, and this institution is the place to do it, but when Flanagan believes in murdering the champion of free speech and transparency-Assange-you have to ask if we\'re discussing free speech at all.


A champion of free speech would not hold back hundreds of leaks unrelated to the US government for a year or more.

A champion of free speech would not turn off the \"wiki\" part of WikiLeaks in which the community participated.

A champion of transparency would confront his accusers in the same court rooms as the people and not through soundbites in the media from his spider hole.

A champion of transparency would not put his own interests above those of the public by holding back mystery information as an insurance shield.

A champion of free speech and democracy presents evidence of conspiracy amongst his critics instead of just accusations.

Oh excuse me, I\'m jumping out the goddamn window!

You say you hate child abuse, but you didn\'t say anything about THIS child abuse case... therefore you\'re a hypocrite! A figure of speech becomes a figure of speech when it\'s necessary to argue my point! You should all be murdered JKLOLZ!

My good friend \'context\' is going to follow me out.

Go! You\'re free now!


You\'re right. Our government should make its law enforcement decisions based on political context instead of on the prevailing standards set forth the people. That way, people like JA could avoid extradition and prosecution circuses. Oh, wait.


Slippery slope, actually. But nice try at dodging the substance of the argument and its real-world context. I would not judge WL and its supporters harshly if political persecution is the internal default as it appears to be the external.